Thursday, August 8, 2013


I have moved my activity to the noticeably spiffier
Please continue to peruse these old posts, if you wish. I won't be deleting them, but they have been imported over to the new site.
New site. New goals. New tunes.
Let's keep moving.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

tongue full of acid, a lung full of nicotine

Here's what you need to know:
  •  Cass Lowe has written and produced for artists like Toddla T, Chance The Rapper, Say Lou Lou, Diana Vickers, Madeon(!!), and, wait for it, the Backstreet Boys. 
  •   So one could say that he's gifted at crafting huge...Larger Than Life pop anthems that will move you emotionally. 
  •  Cass Lowe has a new single called "Birthmark".

    "Birthmark" is a massive, dark, soaring pop song and Lowe's voice leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. If all of his solo stuff sounds like this, I would be a very happy camper. Also, the music video is a gorgeous and fittingly dark piece of art. Here's hoping Cass Lowe produces a full album of amazing.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

do just what you want with me i'll be what you want me to be

So...Eli "Paperboy" Reed has been making music for almost a decade now, but it wasn't until the lyric video for his new single, "WooHoo", surfaced on The Burning Ear that I found out about his soulful awesomeness.

"WooHoo" dances dangerously along the line that divides funk and pop, resulting in a jam that sounds like the lovechild of Bruno Mars and James Brown. This thing will have you movin' and shakin' and shuckin' and jivin' your way through the day. If the infectious beat isn't enough, the pure saccharine energy of Reed's vocal performance will surely win you over.

If you want more from Reed, he's released three (THREE?!) albums that your ears should take in. Also, here's his doo-wop style cover of Beyonce's "Love On Top" that THE QUEEN herself has signed off on.

Monday, August 5, 2013

High voltage when we kiss.

I feel like I'm late to the Bad Suns party. Their debut single (and only official song to date) came out in February. So it's just been floating around the net, getting blog attention from a few of my favorites, The Burning Ear and Neon Gold, before finding its way to me. And being from LA, these dudes got tons of well-deserved love from KROQ whenever their single drop.

This song is absolutely perfect for anyone that digs Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors, or Ghost Beach. It fits right in to that neat little niche that alternative radio stations love and that I completely adore. With its slow-burning start and catchy-as-all-hell chorus, "Cardiac Arrest" is a listening staple for me at the moment.

The song is available for purchase on their bandcamp. But, of course, you can always stream from their soundcloud and like them on Facebook.