Friday, June 21, 2013

Old World Heritage @ Bullhorn Creative

Today's the first show of the series I'm programming right here in Lexington. Right now it's called the Casual Friday Concert series, but it will become NoLi Friday immediately after this first one.

The first featured band of the series is Old World Heritage. Originally from Louisville, Josh Tatum and Alex Schaper have only recently given their project a name, although they've been making music together for quite some time. A simple two-piece with a subtle flavor. They craft a delicate kind of folk music, with quirky ideas and soft instrumentation.

They've got an EP and a live album up on their bandcamp, both of which are excellent AND free. The live album was recorded downtown at Natasha's and contains probably my favorite song by the two of them: "Coyotes Singing Opera".

Anyways, you should come check the guys out this afternoon at Bullhorn Creative (804 N. Limestone). It's free. It's BYOB. And Athenian Grill will be on hand whipping up some grub. FACEBOOK EVENT ---> HERE

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm thinking like an extra color or two

Conveyor comes romping out of Brooklyn with a utopian blend of psych folk and electronica. Their music is a swirling mix of harmonies, synths, guitars, and acid. It's perfect summer tuneage. Like a folky Yeasayer.

"Woolgatherer" was my first contact and I was hooked. I actually pre-ordered the album from them. Jammed all last summer. One of my favorites on the album is probably "Anne". The harmonies dissolve into a mist of horns and synths as the chorus comes back in -- "All I want is all I want is all I want is all I want is..."

Their debut album is available for purchase on their bandcamp HERE so check that shiz out.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bring me one good love.

Mike Clark is a sensation. He's a living, breathing, blue-eyed, soulful sensation. The first time I encountered the music of Mr. Clark, it was through the amazingness that is Heather Browne's Fuel/Friends blog, in the form of a gorgeous Chapel Session. You see, Mike Clark is 34 years old and he works as a land surveyor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is not a professional, but he is a natural. He didn't start playing tunes until he was 27. A late bloomer, he's now played in several bands in his local scene on his way to perfecting his solo sound with his current project: Mike Clark & The Sugar Sounds.

He has a voice for the blues and a flair for soul. He finds his home in the neighborhood near Otis Redding and Ray LaMontagne, and he fits right in. The first time I heard him, I knew I had to have his album: Round & Round. It's pretty much perfect. You can purchase that HERE. You can listen to and download his entire Fuel/Friends Chapel Session, right HERE, and find the rest of his stuff via his website HERE. But, before you go, remember to try and check out his Daytrotter session that just came out today. It's what spurred on this post and it is entirely worth your time.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Introducing: BODYWORK

BODYWORK is kind of mysterious. There's not a lot of information out there. All I know is that they're from England, they have a free album up for download on their website, and they sound kind of like Yeasayer. I found out about them through I Guess I'm Floating, who posted about them this last week.

I recommend checking out their music video for "The Grind," the title track to their recently released free album. It sounds like classic Yeasayer, the voice, the synths, everything, and I'm certainly not complaining.

Their album is up for download RIGHT HERE and you can check out their website HERE. Also, here's their sadly underappreciated FACEBOOK PAGE. You can also follow them on Twitter HERE.

Check these dudes out. You can't turn down free music, can you? Is that a thing you do? THIS IS A GIFT.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Let me float away.

The creative core of the band is provided by the brothers Lawhon out of Santa Ana, California. They formed a band called KO KO in 2012 that eventually evolved into Pacific Air with the release of their Long Live KOKO - EP that year. The entire EP went on to be parts of their debut album, Stop Talking, which they released last week.

Pacific Air's debut album, Stop Talking, dropped this week and they lived up to their name. This record is a flawless collection of aqua-tinged poolside pop. After picking it up, I listened to it once while driving around the Kentucky country side and it was great, but it didn't really come to life until I listened to it by the pool.

"Move", for me, is the stand-out track on the album. It's easily one of the quicker songs on the album. It's catchy. And it keeps their summer aesthetic.


The new songs are all great, too. "Suits," "Play Nice," and "Duet In B Minor" all satisfy that itch you're trying to scratch with this band. It's perfect sugary summery tuneage for your relaxed consumption. "Sunshine" is probably my favorite of the newer stuff though.