Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Introducing: Fire in the Hamptons

Fire in the Hamptons reminds me of another band a whole lot. That band is Neon Trees. Like Neon Trees, F.I.T.H. manages to rock while also being dance floor friendly. These LA boys have got it figured out and have apparently been flying under the radar for almost three years.
Their song "I Met A Girl" undoubtedly rocks. It sounds like a stray Black Keys song that somebody added synthesizers to.

Fire in the Hamptons has released a self-titled album, that I will totally be getting my ears on soon, and a few music videos. My favorite of which is "Stargazer". It's spacey electrorock at its finest.

Of course, don't forget to check out "Humanimal", which has been featured by KCRW, one of the tastemaking radio stations in LA.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Guns hidden under our petticoats.

Okay, so I found out about The 1975 back in October when they released the video for "Sex". I was enraptured by them. I listened to both of their EP's nonstop for weeks. Then came their "Music For Cars" - EP and that was the end of the story. They had solidified themselves as one of my favorite bands. Their uniquely British brand of indie pop wavers between airy, ethereal, spacey tunes and the occasional ridiculously perfectly crafted pop song.

The "Sex" - EP is practically flawless. While "Sex" is what caught my initial attention, the slow jam "You" is definitely my favorite track.

The 1975 have since released another EP (IV) in anticipation of a full album, likely made up of tracks from each of the EP's they've released, in September. The point of this post is to promote the song "Chocolate", whose lyrics grace the title of this post. It's the iTunes FREE single of the week, and you should totally download it.

CLICK HERE for the iTunes single link.

Monday, July 1, 2013

there's my head, this town, and arms.

Jeremy Quentin's delicate finger-picking folk music calls up thoughts of rolling hills and empty homes. Echoing the tones of The Tallest Man On Earth and some light shades of Bob Dylan, Quentin's songs are sparse and warm, like a patchy blanket that you've had for years. His lyrics are outstanding, the title of this post coming from "Oh, Hiding Out," the album opener of his latest album. Quentin composes under the name Small Houses.

His most recent album Exactly Where You Wanted To Be is all kinds of awesome. My favorite tune off of which is "The Last Day of Summer". That album really is pretty much perfect and it's available HERE

His album North is what initially drew me in. Particularly his song, "In The Lawn". It feels so much like a Tallest Man On Earth and I love it.

The best part of today's post though is that Small Houses is playing a free show TONIGHT in Lexington at Griffin's Modern Motel. It's Bring Your Own Refreshments and all donations go to the bands playing. It's hosted by the guys who run Shaker Steps in all their infinite glory. HERE'S THE FACEBOOK EVENT.